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I shared an article earlier about this very subject on our Facebook page MedAdvice LLC.  I’m asked daily about CBD usage and work place drug screens…will it show up?  The short answer and for the vast majority of people using CBD products…”no“ it will not show a positive test for THC or any other cannabinoid in “most” people.  Full spectrum CBD products must not contain greater than 0.3% THC in them.  That means 1 mL (a full dropperful) of CBD oil could contain no more than 3mg of THC.  If someone consumed a product high in THC they would generally consume 10-20mg or more of THC in a single use.  Most people would need to consume a very high dose of the CBD rich product to have detectable THC in a drug screen…especially since many screens detect only above the 50 nannogram/mL level.  However,  I will ALWAYS advise someone that cannot have any detectable THC in their system (CDL, job restrictions, etc) to use a CBD isolate product that contains 0% THC.  The products that we dispense for sale have been 3rd party tested to assure our customers that they are getting exactly what they expect.