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We sometimes receive questions asking whether it’s safe to consume CBD products while pregnant.  Pregnancy can be very taxing on the body and can result in some unpleasant health issues to include morning sickness, body pains, and migraines to name a few.  CBD products are known for their benefits with these conditions.  Additionally, some pregnant mothers may be on medications for anxiety and depression prior to the pregnancy.  There is obvious concern about using some of these medications while pregnant as some could be potentially harmful to the growing baby.  

Our recommendation will always be to involve your Dr in the decision to use a CBD product while pregnant.  We would always recommend a THC-free product.  Babies have an endocannabinoid system just as adults do and helping mom‘s symptoms could prove for a healthier baby.  At this point, there is little to no large scale human data on CBD use in pregnant mothers but animal studies have shown normal embryonic development.  We would never recommend smoking or vaping but perhaps the smallest relieving dose of an oil or other edible could be acceptable.  We would also suggest the use of topical lotions or salves for body aches and pain.  Finally, CBD products may be a safe alternative to treating postpartum depression.